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Cause Me to Travel is a luxury travel planning agency that supports charitable causes in the areas in which we travel through volunteer work or financial contributions. Cause Me to Travel also facilitates fundraising through travel for social clubs, academia, religious groups, and other organizations.

Cause Me to Travel delivers exceptional worldwide tours and events aligned with charitable causes. Cause Me To Travel offers its clients the opportunity to positively affect non-profit organizations of their choice in two unique ways: (1) travelers may contribute financially to non-profit organizations through the purchase of premium travel arrangements to destinations throughout the world, or (2) travelers may participate in volunteer-based events assisting non-profit organizations, communities, and/or individuals while vacationing (voluntourism).

Though primarily geared toward groups, philanthropic individuals, and others seeking to improve the quality of life of the financially, intellectually, or physically challenged, Cause Me to Travel will arrange travel and volunteer experiences for any person or group of persons whose intention it is to raise the standard of living of those in need. We also arrange trips which do not include a charitable component.

Based in Bayonne, New Jersey, USA, Cause Me to Travel works in conjunction with local tour operators and charitable organizations throughout the world to design experiences of a lifetime for both the traveler, and the recipient of the traveler’s financial donation or volunteer effort.

Cause Me to Travel is an affiliate of Travel Edge, a Virtuoso Member Agency. Virtuoso is the world’s leading network of luxury travel agents. Cause Me to Travel is also a member of CCRA, CLIA, and NACTA.

How Our Charitable Organizations Are Selected

The organizations we support have contacted us for assistance, have been chosen by a group who has asked us to arrange a voluntour trip, or are tied to a destination we are visiting. While Cause Me to Travel makes every attempt to investigate the credibility and ethics of every organization, and perform due diligence regarding the use of funds, we are not responsible for misappropriation of funding once any funds have been delivered to an organization.

Why Use A Travel Agent

We realize that with the explosive growth of the Internet and online booking capabilities, there has been a significant increase in the number of travelers making their own travel arrangements without the assistance of a travel agent. Agents have access to tools consumers don’t, the most important of which are relationships with airlines, cruise lines, hotels, villas, and other travel companies. The majority of do-it-yourself travelers erroneously think they’ll pay more when using the services of an agent. Ironically, often times, more money is spent through time taken researching destinations and properties online, purchasing outdated guide books, failing to obtain travel insurance and booking without the luxury amenities and upgrades only travel agents are often able to secure for their clients. Travelers who don’t use travel agents also commonly suffer the expensive consequences of errors or omissions in itineraries. Using a travel agent does not guarantee a successful trip as there are always factors out of the agent’s and traveler’s control, but it does improve the likelihood of less stressful travel planning. Travel agents are your partners, and care deeply about your experience.

The choice is solely yours, however. Do it yourself or leave the planning to the pros! Let your vacation start upon contacting us!


Cause Me to Travel is owned and operated by Sybil Ford, a travel-industry veteran of over 20 years.
For Sybil, travel planning is a matter of the heart. Every itinerary she creates at the direction of her clients is infused with genuine care and concern for their experience. With a focus on voluntourism, luxury, and soft adventure travel, Sybil enjoys tailoring once-in-a-lifetime dream vacations that linger in the minds of her clients for years. She draws upon a wealth of personal and professional connections to see to it that anyone for whom she’s reserving travel gets star treatment. Ms. Ford taps into every resource imaginable to transform her clients’ travel-related dreams from just a thought to a very tangible reality.

Second only to her clients’ satisfaction is personally experiencing the destinations and properties she recommends to her clients. Throughout her travels, Sybil has crossed the Serengeti and Masai Mara by hot-air balloon, gone diving in the Great Barrier Reef, bargained for silk in the streets of Bangkok, barged along the banks of the Seine, hugged the curves of the Amalfi Coast on a Ducati, and has witnessed the rising sun at Angkor Wat. She has traveled to over 48 countries, 6 continents, and countless cities. She has sailed aboard vessels listed among Travel & Leisure’s World’s Best and has been a guest at some of the finest hotels and resorts on the planet.

First-hand knowledge of a country, cruise ship, hotel, or villa allows Sybil to establish credibility with her clients. She can confidently make recommendations to clients with special needs or requests based on her own observation of a cruise line’s or property’s capabilities. Having established strong working relationships with property owners and managers, Ms. Ford works to provide each client with a unique experience customized to fit his or her interest, while personal attention from property staff.

Catering to corporate and leisure clients, she’s arranged travel for honeymooning couples, senior groups, church groups, corporate incentive groups, and solo travelers.

Sybil holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from IESE Business School in Barcelona Spain, and a Master of Science (MS) degree from New York University with a concentration in Hospitality Industry Studies. She co-authored a scholarly paper published in the Journal of Business Ethics that explored the role of tourism and sports in promoting peace and acceptance of persons with physical and mental challenges. She has co-written scholarly articles on climate change, contributed to women’s publications, and occasionally provides summaries of her experiences on her blog. She resides just outside of New York City, and meets with clients by appointment only where it is most convenient for them – at home, at the office, at the park, at a café, or over the phone.

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